The Neighbourhood Trust partnered with The Green Lab on a Community Garden Co-Design Project which opened on the 5th of November 2022.

 The Green Lab likes to create spaces that enable strong social connections and promote wellbeing, and The Neighbourhood Trust supports the people of Mairehau, St Albans, and Shirley to build vibrant, connected communities, where every person can reach their potential. We think our two organisations are a great fit and are proud of this collaboration!

 The Neighbourhood Trust initiated this community garden project in response to general community feedback supporting the development of a shared garden space. The Garden is located behind the McFaddens Centre/ St Albans Baptist Church – 64 McFaddens Rd, St Albans. Which has been prepared with the help of Citycare Property.

 Currently, we are running Wednesday Workdays from 11am to 3pm. These are open to anybody interested. You can come and work for as much time as you’re available or that you can manage.

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Do you have expertise & passion for gardening and would like to share it with others who are still learning?

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