Our counsellor can provide free counselling (under certain conditions) to adult clients in the Mairehau community. She uses a combination of person-centred and narrative therapies, which recognise the client as the expert of their own lives. She works hard to create a safe, non-judgmental and trusting environment where clients can explore and reflect on whatever is troubling them. Areas covered include: anxiety, depression, trauma, identity/self-esteem, anger management, relationship difficulties, loneliness, family breakdown. Access to this counselling is through our Community Development Workers (scroll down for their contact details)

Please note, there is limited availability. This may mean you will be entered onto a waiting list until an appointment becomes available. All appointments take place at The Whanau Centre, 49 Nancy Avenue, Mairehau.

Perdita is the school counsellor at Mairehau Primary School, present on Thursdays, working alongside tamariki of all ages within the primary school setting, and values the importance of whanau as she works with children. She works from a person-centred and narrative approach, incorporating play and creativity in sessions, offering a warm, gentle space to explore together whatever has brought a child into counselling. Referrals are usually managed through Mairehau Primary School, with consultation with family.

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