Parenting Adventures

Mātua Pai
Parenting Adventures

August 24th, 2024

Come along and get some tips and encouragement for wherever you are on the parenting adventure.

At the Neighbourhood Trust we are passionate about supporting Whānau in our community. We know that Parenting has both its joys and challenges, so we have created a jam-packed day full of wisdom and researched backed advice to give you tips and strategies to help your Whānau flourish. You will have the opportunity to take part in two workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. When you register you will have the option to pick which workshops you would like to take part in.

Childcare – we know that for some parents it can be difficult to organise childcare for the day, so we will have some free childcare available, provided by our experienced OSCAR staff.  You will need to book your children in for this, so that we can have the correct staffing ratios on the day.

Please be aware that our venue has some limitations to numbers, so register early to avoid disappointment.

Workshops Include …

Mindful Gaming by Victoria Holden

Video games are a part of life for many of our young people, but sometimes their emotions and behaviour can get out of their control. This workshop will explore how to support young people to overcome the challenges that get in the way of a positive gaming experience.

Behaviour Management by Kelly Penny

Join Kelly in this workshop to learn and discuss some simple tips and tools to help you in managing difficult behaviours. Kelly comes from a strengths-based foundation, supporting you to view your child and the behaviours in a new light. She loves interaction in her workshops and has practical ideas and advice to make the difficult journey of raising young children a little less daunting.

Kind, Firm, Calm Parenting by Jenny Hale

Simple strategies to transform parenting, especially in times of high stress, uncertainty and disruption!
If juggling parenting, work responsibilities and the intensity of life in general has left your parents feeling overwhelmed or in need of some fresh ideas, then this is the talk for your school. Kind, Firm, Calm opens the lid on common parenting struggles and provides proven strategies and insights that cut to the heart of daily challenges. The KFC parenting posture is practical, hopeful and encouraging, and effective when faced with even the strongest willed child who just won’t put down their device.

Role Modelling by Don Benn

What do you want for your kids?  And when you know what you want for them, what kind of parent do you want to be?  What are some core things to consider if you are going to set the example that you want for your kids?  This interactive workshop will aim to give you some ideas you can take home to your family.  Each of you will have experiences and ideas that others will benefit from.  Come prepared to give and receive.

Raising Capable Kids by Richard Black

In this talk Richard Black will look at the six deep needs we/our children have and how as parents we can speak to each of those needs to strengthen the child’s overall confidence.

Constructive conversations or Better Conflict by Richard Black

1) Own your zone (emotionally) Get on top of your emotional state before you expect your child to be on top of theirs. 2) Know your need and theirs. 3) Talk with them equally. 4) Communicate constructively, finding language for gentle honesty.

Parenting Styles, Personalities, and Love Languages by Sheridan Eketone

It can take a lifetime to understand the quirks and uniqueness of the children you are parenting, so getting some insights into what makes them tick and what really helps them feel secure might be just what you need. Understanding who you are as a parent, your unique parenting style & personality will give you tools to build a connection with your child that sets a solid foundation for them to explore their world.  Different kids crave different kinds of attention and affection. We’ll help you figure out which means the most to your child so they can feel truly adored. This positive and encouraging talk will not only help you make sense of your children, there will also be a few ‘aha’ moments for you too.

We wish to thank our Funders who have enabled us to provide this amazing event free of charge.